Endourology -Earlier removal of kidney stones was a painful procedure; today due to advancement in medicinal science kidney stone removal is possible by using minimal invasive procedure. This minimal invasive procedure is called Endourology. In this procedure miniature tools and equipments are used to reach, break, and extract the kidney stones.

Laparoscopic Surgery -Laparoscopic is another non-invasive method that is mainly employed to check abdominal and pelvic regions for ailments when MRI and CT scan cannot provide a definitive answer. Laparoscopy is used for taking biopsy sample as well. It employ a thin tube – known as laparoscope – that has a light and a camera allowing doctors to observe abdominal areas and take biopsy samples if required.

Male Infertility -Male infertility is inability of having an erection and/or sustaining the said erection long enough to conceive pregnancy in the partner. Male fertility also happens when the sperm count and/or sperm mortality is on the lower end. Male fertility happens due to lifestyle choices, stress, or some medical reason. Many times it can be treated with change in lifestyle coupled with medicinal treatment.

Urology Cancer -Urology cancer is a combined term that refers to cancer in the following body parts bladder, testicles, prostate, and kidney. Unlike breast cancer urology cancer, more specifically testicle and prostate cancer are ignored due to perceived shame. This leads to ignorance and detection at a later stage when treatment is difficult. Getting it checked at the earliest is the best way to counter these ailments.